8 day block page Year 1

Hello Year 1
If you are learning at home for any reason, and feel well, look below where you will see 8 days of great learning.
If you are quarantining or self-isolating we hope that you will be able to get stuck into maths English, project, P.E. reading and all of the other things you do at school. Just click on the blue links or the attachments and try your best!
Keep up with your learning and we all look forward to you being back at school soon.
~ from Miss Brookes, Miss Lavis, Mrs Kenney and Mrs Carthew
Day 1
English - Jack and the Beanstalk: characters, mood, problems
Maths - 
Day 2
English - To tell a story from memory.
Maths - Counting in 10's from any 2 digit number.
Please look at the Power point below this box with a grown up and see how well you can count in tens.
Day 3
English - to describe a character.
Maths - understanding the value of numbers to 100.
Day 4
English - to use coordinating conjunctions.
Maths - recognising all number bonds that make 9 and 10.
Day 5
English - to make inferences on what is said or done.
Maths - to apply knowledge of number bonds.
Day 6
English - to box up for purpose.
Maths - counting sets by counting on.
Day 7
English - to explain how writers make the problem matter.
Maths - counting back in 1's to subtract.
Day 8
English - to make the problem matter in a story. Part 1.
Maths - finding doubles and halves.
English - 
If you have been enjoying the lessons about Jack and the Beanstalk the last 2 lessons in the block are linked here so you can finish them off if you would like to.
Lesson 9 - to make the problem in a story matter. Part 2.
Lesson 10 - to make the problem in a story matter. Part 3.
Please find the links for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level. You can find their level on their Reading Record.
1.  Find some time to draw this week.  Maybe you have a beautiful flower or plant at home that you could observe closely and try to draw or if you can't get outside, you could find a favourite toy.  You could even draw your pet!
2.  Design and make a kite!  See the image below for some simple instructions.
3.  Get your bedroom ready for spring by making some 'Springtime' bunting.  Use really bright colours and hang it in your window so that the sun catches it.
Below are some links to help keep your child moving. 
PSHE / Assembly
Here is a link to our assembly on keeping healthy, keeping safe when crossing the road.
Road Safety [4] https://clickv.ie/w/8DJp
Which roads do you cross? who helps you? what can help you to stay safe?
Draw a picture of you crossing the road safely, you could even add a little hedgehog crossing safely too!



Quiz time!


Chatting Online safely


The video below was the first video we shared on the web page and was helping us learn how to stay safe when sharing pictures and videos online.

Have another watch using the link below and see if you can answer the questions that will pop up during the first half of the video. 

Watch out for a message that pops up after the questions as this is the place where the activities and discussion points begin...you may want to stop there if you did these last time or otherwise have another go or have a go for the first time if you missed it last time. It's important to learn how to be safe online so it is a good use of your time.


Chatting Online safely Quiz