Foundation Stage

Remote Learning

Infant and Nursery School
If you are learning at home for any reason, and feel well, look below where you will see some ideas and activities to try.
If you are quarantining or self-isolating we hope that you will be able to get stuck into phonics and reading, writing, number, understanding the world and some physical activity as well as all of the other things you do at school. Just click on the blue links or the attachments and try your best!
Keep up with your learning and we all look forward to you being back at school soon.
~ from Miss Curtis, Miss Ford, Mrs Carthew and Mrs Simmons 
Please use the links below to continue your Letters and Sounds at home!
Enjoy listening to the nursery rhymes and use the other links for practising your counting too.
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Enjoy the story of 'Mad about Minibeasts'. What is your favourite? Has it got legs? Does it fly? Talk to your grown up about it.
Go on a bug hunt and see what you can find!
Fine Motor
To help our fingers get ready to write, we need to build up our strength and our fine motor skills.
Use the images below for ideas on activities to try at home...
Enjoy sharing stories together each day. Please remember to ask you child questions to check their understanding of a text.
Find the links for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level, which will be pink (blending letters to make words) or red (beginning to read sentences). Do email your child's teacher if you need advice.
Squeeze and let go...
Lie down and close your eyes. Maybe you have a snuggly blanket to get under. Let your body feel heavy. Choose 5 different parts of your body to tense/squeeze then let go. Squeeze in and let go each part one at a time. Each time you squeeze in, breath in through your nose. Each time you let go breath out through your nose. Before opening your eyes try some belly breathing. Place your favourite cuddly on your belly. Watch it move up and down as you breath slowly in and out.
Stay Active, Keep Moving:
Dance with Oti and Work Out with Andy and his wild friends to keep your body healthy and active.  Check out Go Noodle to get moving along with your favourite songs, or learn some new types of movement.