Foundation Stage

Remote Learning

Infant and Nursery School
Welcome to the Summer Term
If you are learning at home for any reason, and feel well, look below where you will see some ideas and activities to try.
If you are quarantining or self-isolating we hope that you will be able to get stuck into phonics and reading, writing, number, understanding the world and some physical activity as well as all of the other things you do at school. Just click on the blue links or the attachments and try your best!
Keep up with your learning and we all look forward to you being back at school soon.
~ from Miss Curtis, Miss Ford, Mrs Carthew and Mrs Simmons 
Please use the links below or use your personal 'Education City' login to continue your learning at home. 
Please play lots of Phase 3 blending and tricky word games.
We are focusing on recognising and using teen numbers.
In school we will be enjoying the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'.  Please talk to your grown-up about what you already know about planting and how seeds grow, ask them to jot down what you tell them.  Then, use the link below to hear the story.  Try to join in with the repetitive phrases; you can always listen to the story more than once to help you learn them.  
Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and write what you remember about it.
Understanding the World
In a very practical way we will be learning all about plants for the next few weeks in school - what they need to grow, what happens when they grow and what the different parts of them are called. 
You might like to think about what you have had to eat today...  Do you think any of that was grown? Maybe you have some plants in a garden that you could look at and draw or maybe you would like to go out for a walk and find some new plants to find out about.
Below are some links that will help you.
Enjoy sharing stories together each day. Please remember to ask you child questions to check their understanding of a text.
Find the links for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level, which will be red (beginning to read sentences) or yellow (developing fluency). Do email your child's teacher if you need advice.
Share a story
Why don't you snuggle up with a grown up and listen to this story read by ine of the FS teachers.
Physical Development
While you are at home it is important to stay active and keep moving.  Below are some links to help you do just that.  
Take some time to draw a plant that shows how you are feeling today.  What will it have on it...?
Expressive Art & Design
Create a market stall in your home! You could use real fruit and vegetables if you have some or you could make your own first.  Look at the photogrpahs below to get some ideas.  Remember to write your own price list so your customers know how much your food costs.