Applecake and 2P

7th October 2016

 There is nothing like freshly cooked apple cake in the afternoon if you are in Class 2P.

Many cultures and traditions celebrate the gathering of fruit and vegetables and in R.E. this week children in Year 2 have been experiencing and tasting that for real.

As part of their learning about harvest, Lily, Jack and Josh were dispatched to collect apples from the bountiful apple tree outside their classroom whilst other children in the class prepared the ingredients for cooking a huge class sized apple cake.



Furnished with a fine  recipe from Mrs Ford from the BBC Good Food website Mrs Blackburn and the children peeled sliced, weighed, mixed, cooked, smelt and finally ate the cake. “Amazing” said George, “thank you I enjoyed that” said Joseph and 28 other mmm…like sounds were heard - as of course you ought not talk with your mouthful!

Enjoy these inspiring photos.

Great cakes, cooking and learning 2P ~ well done.