Building an igloo

‘We are going to need hundreds of milk cartons!’ a child in the Nursery exclaimed as the igloo started to take shape. The decision to design, create and build an igloo from milk cartons came from an episode of co-learning between Rosie and a small group of children who were engaged in building dens and animal homes. The children inquired how igloos were built from ice and snow and whether people actually lived in them.

We watched a short film about how igloos are built and then exchanged ideas about how we could build our own. Rosie shared some images with the children as a provocation and then started to build the base. Every day a small group of children joined Rosie in the studio to help with the measuring, recording, counting and structure of the igloo. We have now added a roof and it is a wonderful space to read a book quietly or chat with friends. A huge thank you to all of our families for collecting milk cartons for us.