Year 3

We are aware that some children are completing their daily tasks and seeking further opportunities to extend their own learning. Below we have some suggested activities and links to websites that your child may wish to access.
If you want to challenge yourself to improve your writing, then click onto The Secret Door link. It'll take you into a new world. Why not describe how you got there, choose an object to focus in on and describe, write the next chapter of the story. The possibilities are endless. If you don't like the world you go to, then simply click back to the door and go through it again - it's a different world each time!
Have a go at the maths challenges linked to WhiteRose/Bitesize. The questions most suited to year 3 are Q1-4 but try your best with the rest! Answers will also be attached. 
Think back to the 'CUBES' approach that we used in school when we completed BARvember word problems. You could even teach a family member!
Friday Challenge
Try your hand at cooking. Choose your recipe.- yum! There is also a tangram puzzle based on cake shapes! It is half term next week so you could bake yourself a tasty treat. Talk to your grown-ups first.