Children in Need  2017
Friday 17th November is Children in Need day. 

As in previous years, in return for a donation the children can either… 

add stripes or spots to their school uniform


wear something spotty instead of their school uniform.

There will be a bucket for donations in the entrance hall  ~  thank you for your support.
Find out more about these charities by visiting:

Charity Map for 2016-17

An important part of all children's learning is developing an understanding of the needs of others. Each term we have chosen a charity to support, so look out for events in the Federation Newsletter.

If you are interested in raising money for another organisation details can be included in the newsletter for families to respond to individually if they would like to.

Our charities are:

Autumn Term

National - Children in Need

Spring Term

Global - Oxfam

Summer Term

Local - Devon Wildlife Trust