Developing specific skills

Fine motor skills

Gross Motor Skills

  • Thread pasta/beads on to a string
  • Play card games- encourage your child to deal
  • Post coins into a money box
  • Use a screwdriver to screw screws in to wood
  • Cut on a straight, zig-zag, curved, wavy line
  • Play Connect 4
  • Colouring
  • Cut and paste a collage picture
  • Make a friendship bracelet
  • Fold clothing
  • Paint finger nails/ toe nails
  • Paint by Numbers
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Play Scrabble
  • Peg items on a line/ the clothes horse
  • Roll out playdoh and cut with a knife
  • Transfer water from one bucket to another by filling up and squeezing out a sponge
  • Practise tying knots in a piece of string/cord


  • Put a pillow in to a pillow case
  • Yoga e.g. ‘Cosmic Kids’
  • Big Body workouts e.g. Joe Wicks PE session
  • Sweep the garden/ the floor
  • Wash external/internal windows
  • Wash bikes, scooters, the family car
  • Keep a balloon up in the air
  • Walk in the fresh air
  • Stretching activities
  • Create an assault course in the garden/the house
  • Treasure hunt around the garden/house
  • Competitions e.g. who can balance on one leg for 30s, who can do the plank for 20s etc.
  • Throwing and catching practise in a pair/group
  • Throw a ball against a wall and catch it
  • Crawl through a chair/chairs or a tunnel
  • Dig a section of the garden/plant
  • Move items from one area of the house/garden to another (timed)
  • Roll up a hose pipe
  • Pump up the paddling pool with a foot pump


Writing name


  • Provide an old/ mock cheque book to sign and print name
  • Download forms for your child to complete
  • Purposeful writing e.g. sign a letter
  • Label clothing/personal items
  • Make and sign art pieces/ craft items
  • Practise writing name in sand/flour
  • Create name using household/garden items
    Create a picture dictionary for key spellings
  • Make spellings visual e.g. Friend, there (picture of a signpost?)
  • Use emojis to represent spellings
  • Play Scrabble
  • Copy 5 spellings repeatedly in a set amount of time
  • Play ‘Sound Swap’ where one sound is changed at a time e.g.  “Change pan to pen, pen to pet, pet to pit etc.
  • Wordsearches- see ‘Wordsearch Generator’ for printed or interactive versions
  • Children’s crosswords
  • Anagrams of key spellings
  • Match High Frequency Words
  • Create mnemonics for spellings e.g. Because Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants

Place Value

Develop Typing/Keyboard skills

  • Dot to dots
  • Paint by numbers
  • Play ‘Snap’ with regular playing cards
  • Use the ‘Hit the Button’ app which provides multiple choice answers for No bonds, Tables etc.
  • Play dice games involving counting on/back
  • Play dominoes
  • Access Mathletics
  • Create a pretend shop with priced items- encourage your child to write/use the right coins to pay or different possible combinations e.g. 10p = 5p+5p or 5p+2p+2p+1p etc
  • Provide a specific no of items based on value written e.g. 5 =
  • Copy and continue patterns e.g. 1,2,3 _, _, 6 or red, blue, yellow, red, blue, ___ etc.
  • Peg numbers in order (start with consecutive nos e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 up to 10 and then explore random nos e.g. 1, 5,12,20 etc.
  • Play BINGO
  • Organise food items in to date order
  • Access ‘Dance Mat Typing Tutor’
  • Access ‘Typing Pilot’
  • Access online learning apps e.g. Mathletics, TT Rockstars
  • Any activities which involve typing e.g. typing out a story, creating a typed list of spellings etc.

Purposeful writing

Making links between concepts

  • Write to a friend/neighbour/ family member
  • Keep a journal
  • Write a shopping list
  • Write birthday/occasion cards
  • Write and display positive messages for neighbours
  • Record on Post Its activities that your child would like to complete when Lockdown is finished
  • Make up a story to read/virtually present to a sibling/family member
  • Encourage your child to create a treasure hunt for you/siblings
  • Ask your child to check that your piece of writing is okay (can they edit/improve it)
  • Create a menu for the day/week
  • Can they create a persuasive poster for hand washing/staying in
  • Encourage your child to create questions to contribute towards a family quiz


  • What is similar between a [cup] and a [pair of scissors] etc.
  • What is different between the [tree] and the [flower] etc
  • Sort a set of items in to 2,3,4 categories
  • Sort cards in to ‘families’
  • Practical tidying/sorting around the house
  • Create a mind-map of topics of interest/ school based topics

 e.g. Little Mix – girl band – Spice Girls

                    /    \

               Jesse   Perri

  • Decode emoji pictures for specific themes e.g. movies =
  • Create a menu based on some key ingredients e.g. Flour, eggs & milk = pancakes
  • Put shopping items away in to it’s logical place e.g. all cold items in the fridge
  • Organise/ create a library of books/magazines


Develop recall

  • Read familiar and unfamiliar stories
  • Read letters from friends/neighbours and family
  • Read stories in and around the home
  • Use audiobooks
  • Follow recipes
  • Follow simple instructions e.g. Lego, Growing kits
  • Crosswords
  • Encourage your child to read a schedule for the day
  • Create a set of treasure hunt clues for your child to read and follow
  • Leave messages on a light box/ the chalk board/the fridge
  • Have a word of the day/ Use this as the password to gain treats
  • Encourage your child to read and solve a riddle to gain their treat e.g. I run but have no feet [a tap]


  • Ask quick, simple generic questions e.g. How old are you? Where do we live? How many rooms are in the house?
  • Ask the Who, What, Where, When questions for books/films/tv programmes you share
  • Encourage your child to retell a story/ act out a story themselves or with their toys
  • Play Kim’s Game- present a tray of items, remove one and identify the missing thing
  • Study a picture and then, within a time limit, list all of the things within
  • Play ‘Pairs’ using playing cards (alternatively there are some online)
  • Play Portmanteau games e.g. I went to the shop and bought an Apple, An apple, a banana, An apple, a banana and some cat food etc.
  • Ask your child to state facts based on things they will have seen in the home e.g. How many drawers are in the kitchen? What colour is the fridge? Etc.
  • Encourage your child to learn lyrics to a favourite song of theirs
  • Encourage your child to learn a poem

Learn a specific skill (dependent on age & some activities will require supervision)


  • Learn to tie shoe laces
  • Learn to sew- create a pencil case, a stuffed star/heart or other shape, perhaps filled with lavender)
  • Learn to make soup
  • Learn to make a fruit salad
  • Learn to bake a cake
  • Learn to sort the washing and put a wash on
  • Learn to grow plants
  • Learn to fold socks within one another
  • Learn to fold and put away washing
  • Learn to make a bed
  • Wash/dry the dishes
  • Set the table for breakfast/dinner
  • Instigate and sustain a phone conversation with a relative
  • Pack a bag (for a camping holiday in the garden/living room)
  • Put up a tent in the garden/indoors
  • Make squash
  • Learn some of the constellations


  • Name 5 things that can be seen, 4 things that can be heard, 2 things that can be smelt and 1 thing that can be tasted
  • Engage in Yoga/ do some daily stretches
  • Create an area for quiet/reflective time and spend time here each day
  • Share things to be thankful for during breakfast/dinner
  • Encourage your child to spot particular things whilst out on a daily walk e.g. Daffodils, Oak leaves, stick etc.
  • Complete the 10 a day for Mental Health
  • Encourage your child to do something for someone else e.g. help a sibling, write to a neighbour, perform a song to a family member, wash up
  • Record any activities they wish they can do on to slips of paper and post in a jar- when the situation changes, one of these can be taken out each day/weekend as the family activity
  • Praise your child for being patient/ flexible/understanding
  • Encourage your child(ren) to praise others for specific things