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You will notice that the Early Years Learning at Home page has changed and now mainly includes links and resources to support the Learning Packs. The Learning Packs will be sent out each week and will support the week's project and the prime curriculum areas. 

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Changes to email contact 

With teachers now busy in school teaching and planning, we ask that you email them with one photo of your child's learning per week along with a caption.

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Hello Nursery and Foundation Stage Children,
We hope you are well and enjoyed 'Going for Gold' over the last few weeks!
Our project for the next two weeks is 'Making Changes', which is going to be full of learning all about our environment.This week, week 1, our learning is all about making changes in our world.
Really look around you, what can you see? How can we make a difference to make it better?
Love from Clare, Mrs Carthew, Mrs Ryan, Mrs Simmons and Miss Taylor xxxxx
All the details you need are in the Learning Pack sent to you by post. 
Do the activities according to the age and ability of your child, e.g. if they are pre-writers, scribe their ideas for them. Your child might draw, or cut and stick pictures, or write.   
One of the biggest ways we view the world around us is by being outside or looking through our windows. Our story this week is about just that!


'Window’ by Jeanie Baker, is a story about a boy called Sam who sees lots of changes in his environment as he grows from a child into a man  


Watch and Find Out and discuss what they can see changing and compare this to what they may change outside their window.

Make and Do

Create your own ‘view from a window’.  You might choose a view from the book or one from your own home.

You could draw, paint or make a collage.  Why don’t you add a window frame to make it look realistic?

Write about your view.  What do you like about it?  Why?

Attached is a short teaching video. Mrs Ryan will model some writing and see if we can help with your writing.


Snuggle up and share a story!
Nursery Children – Clapping Sounds

Think of words using the letters ‘s, a, t, p, i, n’ and sound them out, clapping each phoneme with the children in unison, then blend the phonemes to make the whole word orally. As children’s confidence develops, ask individuals to demonstrate this activity to others. Activity link below.


Foundation Children - Silly Questions

Ask your child to read the captions below and answer yes or no.

Check out the e-books on Oxford Owl and Collins' Big Cat Phonics
FC Gallery
Look at some of the amazing activities FC children got up to during the 'Going for Gold' topic!
FR Gallery
Look at some of the brilliant activities FR children got up to during the 'Going for Gold' topic!
FT Gallery
Look at some of the super activities FT children got up to during the 'Going for Gold' topic!
Nursery Gallery

This week we are exploring capacity. You could try this in the bath, standing at the sink or even in the paddling pool.


Here is your challenge:


Do tall containers always hold more water than short containers?

Make a collection of empty containers, plastic is best. You might find some interesting ones in the recycling bin. Give them all a good wash.

Before you start, choose the container that you think will hold the most water and which you think will hold the least.

Find a way to find out if you were correct.

Try two more containers of different shapes. What did you discover this time?




Make a rain gauge

If we continue to have showery weather it might be interesting to make a simple rain gauge and measure the rain fall.

Understanding the World

Go on an environment walk

Where is your favourite place to walk?  While you are out walking this week why don’t you look around and take photographs of things you see in the environment that you might like to change.

Talk to your grown-up about what you do at home to take care of your environment.  See what you can think of.


Make a journey stick

Challenge your child to investigate whilst you are on your walk, by exploring what’s around them and creating their very own ‘journey stick’. A fantastic way to get closer to nature is to collect flowers, leaves, feathers and fruits and attach them to a ‘journey stick’ with elastic bands or coloured wool.

Make a picture. Who may it be for? Can you paint, draw or do Mindfulness colouring to music?
Music and Singing
We know you love to sing!  Here are some songs you can listen to and join in with as you play and explore.
Story Collection
Here are some of the stories read to you by your school adults over the last few weeks:
'Someone Swallowed Stanley' a book about plastic pollution by Sarah Roberts and read by Clare.
Felix and Clare reflect on the story 'Someone Swallowed Stanley' and discuss how we can reduce the amount of plastic we use in our packed lunches.
Talk to your grown up about how you can reduce the amount of plastic you use and how you can reuse and recycle. Watch Kit and Pup talk about recycling too!
5 top tips for reducing how much plastic you use!
  1. Say no to straws - animals can get sick after mistaking them for food.
  2. Use a refillable water bottle, not a plastic bottle.
  3. Snack on an apple, banana or an orange as they don't need any packaging.
  4. Sometimes we have to use plastic but make sure you recycle it and never leave it in the environment.
  5. Use a reusable pot for your packed lunch. You can use them for your cheese, crackers, fruit, humous and they can be washed and used again!