Early Years Learning 13.07.20

Welcome to the Early Years 'Learning at Home' page ~

Another Learning Pack is winging its way to you, listen out for the letterbox clanging!

The 'Early Years Learning at Home' page has changed and now mainly includes links and resources to support the Learning Packs. This will be the last Learning Pack before we break up for the summer holiday and it supports the week's project and the prime curriculum areas. 

Please continue to visit the website.  We will update the photo galleries and you can find links to other learning and access to e-books, as well as revisit previous weeks' learning. 


Changes to email contact 

With teachers now busy in school teaching and planning, we ask that you email them with one photo of your child's learning per week along with a caption.

However, if you have any queries about the learning, email your child's teacher and they will reply to you when they can.

For any other inquiries, please contact the admin team on



Class E-mails: 

FC   clare.carthew@stokehill.devon.sch.uk (Mon, Tues, Weds)
       ruth.simmons@stokehill.devon.sch.uk (Thurs, Fri)
FT   claire.taylor@stokehill.devon.sch.uk
FR   bex.ryan@stokehill.devon.sch.uk
Nursery   clare.farion@stokehill.devon.sch.uk
Hello Nursery and Foundation Stage Children,
We hope you have had a super week learning about your local environment, enjoying the views of it from your windows and noticing where it would be nice to make some changes to it.
Foundation Children, your red Learning Journey books are available for collection from the Nursery Porch during the day until 5.30pm. These are lovely reminders of your child's time in their Foundation Class and you all love looking through them and talking about their memories.  Do drop by and collect yours!
This is our second and last week of the project 'Let's Make Changes', as well as of the school year.  So it is a good time to think about changing from one year group to another.  Some of you will be moving from Nursery to FS and others from FS to Year 1 but there will be lots of great memories for you to talk, draw and write about!  
Love from Clare, Mrs Carthew, Mrs Ryan, Mrs Simmons and Miss Taylor xxxxx
An idea for the Holidays!  
The Library Service runs a Summer Reading Challenge, 
this year it's called The Silly Squad!  
Register, create your avatar and earn points by sharing books and practising your reading skills.  Join in online! 
All the details you need are in the Learning Pack sent to you by post. 
Do the activities according to the age and ability of your child, e.g. if they are pre-writers, scribe their ideas for them. Your child might draw, or cut and stick pictures, or write.   



This week we are learning about making changes in our lives. In September you will be moving on to your new class in Year 1. 


Talk to your grown- up about what you remember about your time at school this year. Draw and write about them on the sheet provided in your pack.

Snuggle up and share a story!

Nursery Children – Have a sound talk tea party

Adult, pretend a toy is whispering in your ear in ‘sound talk’, for example whisper  “What would teddy like to eat?”

The toy speaks into the adult’s ear and the adult repeats ‘ch- ee-se’.

The child blends the sounds and says the word, ‘cheese’.


Foundation Children – Fill in the missing digraph or trigraph in the words in your pack.

Check out the e-books on Oxford Owl and Collins' Big Cat Phonics
Nursery Gallery
FC Gallery
FT Gallery
FR Gallery

This week we are learning about pattern. You will be able to do this indoors and outside.


You will need small coloured objects, e.g. Lego bricks, buttons, painted shells, beads or anything you may be able to find around your home.


Create a pattern using your coloured objects. It must be a regular pattern. You could try one like this:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This week we are getting ready for our transition to our new classes.  We hope you are excited and looking forward to meeting your new teacher.

Ernie and the Sea of Ice
You have all been the most amazing learners both at home and at school and so deserve a big well done!

A big well done deserves a treat, and so at the end of the week we hope you will enjoy this filmed performance, made available especially for Stoke Hill Infant and Nursery children. 

We can all watch Quirk Theatre’s show called ‘Ernie and the Sea of Ice’. Follow Ernie’s adventures and look out for some very funny penguins! 
Let's get moving and grooving under the sea with Oti and Andy!  As it's the end of term, put on a favourite song and jump up and down to spin, dance and party.
What are you thankful for? Have a think about the treasures to be found in this Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.  Maybe you could take a photo of what you find and write a caption for it, and email it to your teacher.  Happy hunting!
Music and Singing
While you are thinking about what you like about school, why don't you sing some songs that we usually enjoying singing when we are together.
Story Collection
Here are some of the stories read to you by your school adults over the last few weeks: