Foundation Stage Remote Learning W.B. 11.1.21

Hello from you Teachers! ~
We hope you're all well and trying your best with your learning at home. 
Use the links each day from now to watch lessons from your teachers.
We can't wait to see some of the photos of your learning soon, please keep in touch.
Love from, 
Miss Taylor, Mrs Simmons, Mrs Ryan and Miss Ford X
Education City
We are going to set specific home learning activities on Education City each week to match the lessons we are teaching.
To access this, log into Education City --> homework --> select the correct week
This may help your child practise the taught content for the week independently.
Enjoy the story of Somebody Swallowed Stanley with Miss Taylor today and get to know some of the characters.
Number Time
We are going to be practising our counting today. Watch the lesson below to find out more!
Letters and Sounds
We are going to be learning about the /ee/ sound today, like in feet.
Some guided Writing with Miss Taylor.
'I can see......' under the sea.
Number Time
Learn more about your numbers to 10 with Miss Ford and have a go at creating a number line.
Letters and Sounds
We are going to be learning about the /oa/ sound today, like in goat.
Vocabulary lesson - swept, sink, gasp
Number Time
Learn more about numbers to 20 with Miss Ford and continue making your number line.
Letters and Sounds
Please use the Oxford Owl link for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level. You will need to register but it is free to use and access.
Once you have logged in, select:
>book band 
>book band 1: pink level (this is where most children are currently at in Foundation)
Understanding the World
Use the links below to learn more about the oceans and the amazing sea creatures you might find there.
Expressive arts and design
Have a go at making your own underwater world.
You could paint it, draw it or even make it using things in your house.
Send us a picture of what you create this week. We would love to see!
Physical Development 
Below are some links to keep your child moving.