Health & Nutritional Guidelines




Across the Federation you will find that a large number of Teachers and Teaching Assistants are First Aid trained and each day offer support, guidance and care to Stoke Hill children and their families.

Good systems are in place to liaise with families where health and well being is a concern.

The guidance below, when followed, helps us to extend a high level of health protection to our children and appropriate care and advice when a child is unwell.

Please note that only medicine prescribed by a Doctor can be administered by school staff.

Paracetamol and other over-the-counter pain relief cannot be given in school because it can mask symptoms and depress a high temperature which may helpfully alert staff to a health issue.


  • Snacks: fruit, vegetables or cheese can be brought from home to eat at playtime, ‘free’ fruit to eat in the afternoon is provided for Key Stage 1 children by the Government
  • Drinkswater only can be brought to sip during the day
  • Food for sharing: we ask parents not to send in birthday cake, food for sharing or sweet treats so that we can respect the food preferences, allergies, religious and lifestyle food choices for everyone.
  • Meals: going home for a ‘home dinner’, a packed lunch, a ‘universal free school meal’ (Infants only) or a purchased school meal are the options across the Federation at midday


 Exclusion period


Until temperature within normal range


48  hours off school after last bout

Sickness and diarrhoea  

48 hours off school after last bout

Head lice   

treat with hair conditioner or preferred product, absence from school not necessary

Chicken Pox

Until scabs are dry (minimum 5 days)


6 days from onset of rash


 Until eyes stop weeping


 5 days from onset of swelling


Only medicine prescribed by a doctor can be administered.


Children with fractures, once pain-free  can attend school after discussion with the classteacher and with the agreement of the Head Teacher.