Goodbye from the Infant and Nursery School

Goodbye for now!
And a HUGE thank you to everyone at home and school for working so hard this term.  
We can't wait for you all to come back  to school either at the Junior School or in the Foundation Stage, Year 1 or Year 2, but first enjoy the shows, the summer holiday and then we will see you again in September.
A Special Treat 
As a special treat we have some wonderful performances for you to watch while you enjoy your popcorn.
Ernie and the Sea of Ice 
Quirk Theatre have kindly given their permission to share this delightful performance with you. Some children may remember seeing this at Christmas the year before last.
Click the links below to watch a message from Quirk Theater Company and enjoy the performance again.
Circus Berzercus Performances 
Every year Circus Berzercus perform for the children in the Foundation Stage Classes and they have kindly given their permisson to share two special shows with you, one of which was recorded at Stoke Hill! Click the link below to watch the performances. 
Summer Term Highlights
Below are some highlights of all the exciting things we have been doing at home and at school this term.