Junior School Curriculum


Junior School Curriculum
The Stoke Hill Curriculum has been developed in line with the skills and objective from the National Curriculum. Learning builds year on year and vocabulary has been chosen to engage and inspire the children's curiosity. Our curriculum aims to build in the local studies and reflect the diversity of our school.
In English follow the objectives from the National Curriculum to plan work for the children. There is an emphasis on good quality texts that will inspire children and all engage them in the enjoyment of reading. The plans are updated half termly.
In Maths teachers use the White Rose planning documents to support the learning of the children. They look carefully at each objective and adjust their teaching to incorporate the different progression children make through a given topic.
The Foundation Subjects are not always taught weekly, with teachers often blocking units of work. Each subject also has a whole day devoted to it during the year, where children immerse themselves in it for the day.