Let's work together to make our world kind, peaceful and respectful for everyone

How we can educate ourselves about racism 
There have been some very upsetting events happening in our world for a long time and you may have seen some people protesting all around the world after George Floyd was killed in America - you may have been on a protest yourself with your grown ups. 
You may have heard people saying or seen signs that say 
'Black Lives Matter'
All of the grown ups at Stoke Hill feel very sad that so many people are treated without respect and we want to learn as much as we can about racism so that we can help to make our wonderful world a peaceful place.
We will be talking about racism with the children in school and we want them to talk about it with you at home too.
We know that you will want to help make a difference.
We have added some activities and clips that we hope will help you to understand what is happening and why.
You may feel a lot of emotions when you learn more about racism. You may feel sad, angry, helpless or frustrated.
It is OK to feel like this.
Spend some time with your grown up talking about how you feel. We think that working together to make some positive changes will make us all feel that we can make a difference.
Watch this video clip from Blue Peter and learn some facts - maybe you could make a poster or write down some of the facts you have learned.
You may just want to talk about it with your grown up - make some time in your day to do this.
In the clip Lindsey talks about being kind. What can you do today to be kind?
Who is John Amaechi?
John Amaechi is a psychologist and he used to be a professional basketball player.
 Watch this clip as he talks about the difference between being anti-racist and non-racist. It is really educational.
We can be a beacon of light!
We can quietly and respectfully challenge others who make a comment that is unacceptable.
We can make a stand.
We can learn and we can read.
We can make a change.
You may have some questions and thoughts that you would like to talk about. Talk to your grown up at home or maybe send a message to your teacher.
Who is Lubaina Himid?
Get ready to look and think!
Lubaina Himid is an artist who tells beautiful stories about strength and friendship. Click on the link below and have a look at her art work.
If you would like to find out more about art and race - click on this link
We really like these inspirational words from Barrack Obama.
Have you seen or read anything that has made you feel inspired and empowered to make a change?
"I want you to know that you matter, I want you to know that your lives matter, that your dreams matter."
Get in touch with us!
We really want to know your thoughts about this topic.
Get in touch with your class teacher and we will post your ideas, facts, poems, stories and art work on this web page.

Lubaina Himid paints stories about beautiful friendships, love and kindness. 


How do you feel about Lubaina Himid’s art?



What do these stories make you think about?



What stories do you like to tell?

Maybe you could paint or draw a picture for a friend or someone in your family, using the colours that represent how you feel about them.
This would be a kind gift and shows that person you are thinking about them.
Or maybe you could make a friendship bracelet - what a thoughtful gift