Hello everyone - it is half-term week so I hope that you all have a great time playing and getting out and about.
There will be some new activities for you after half-term so pop back and have a look on the website.
From the Nursery team
Welcome to the Nursery 'Learning from Home' page ~
There is plenty of learning planned for your child to access whilst we are closed and they are busy learning at home with you. Look here for regularly updated learning activities and suggestions.
If you have any queries relating to the activities, please e-mail me. I will check my emails regularly and reply to you when I am able.
My email is
If you have any other queries or concerns, then please direct them to the school email address which will also be checked regularly.
School Email:
A big hello from your Nursery friends!
Keep your eyes out for these things when you go for a walk around
Mincinglake Valley Park.
Be a great spotter!
There are 2 'Spotter Sheets' you can download - see below
Snuggle up and join Clare and Janine for a story.

Get messy with some gloop! 
You will definitely need an apron for this messy activity, but it is great fun and very relaxing.
To make gloop you will need some cornflour, some water and some food colouring (if you like).
Place the cornflour in a deep bowl or dish and slowly add water, mixing with your fingers or a spoon. Add a drop of food colouring if you are using it.
What do you notice about the consistency?
What does it feel like?
What shapes can you make?
Did you get very sticky and messy?
I hope you helped to clean up!

BookTrust logo


Have you seen this website - it has some our our favourite books to read and some different activities- take a look.

Share a story with the Nursery team

Keep up with your Makaton signs


Don’t forget to sing along with Mr Tumble and use the Makaton signs that we learnt together in the Nursery.

This website has some fun activities to try at home.

Take care everyone and stay well and safe – don’t forget to keep in touch.