Nursery Remote Learning 22.2.21

Week beginning 22nd February
Hello everybody. We hope that you had a great half term and managed to get out and about a little bit. Did you have any yummy pancakes on pancake day?
We will be finding out about different sea creatures in the Nursery and will keep you involved through this page on the website - so keep popping back to have a look.
We have a new email address!
Please keep in touch and share what you have been doing at home.
All of the Nursery grown ups would love to see so please email us at the address below and your child's key worker will be in touch.
Take care everyone and see you soon.
From everyone in the Nursery.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
Take some time with your grown up to have a look at a photo album, have a chat about what you were like when you were smaller. Are there any photos of you with your family and friends? Maybe you could draw a picture or make a card for anyone you are missing and pop it in the post.
Communication and Language - I hear with my little ear!
Join Clare for some more letters and sounds blending.
Physical Development - can you join in with the Boogie Beebies activities? Which was your favourite movement? 
Have a go at making the fly catching frog below, there are lots of different joining and decorating techniques to keep your hands busy.
Time for a walk!
Take a look at the spring flowers spotter sheet below, next time you go out for a walk see how may you can find. I wonder if there are any other spring flowers you can find?
Super Seahorses
We have been finding out all about seahorses at Nursery. Have a look at the links below to find out more.
Take a look at our seahorse display, we have found out lots of interesting facts.
Floating and Sinking
We have started to explore floating and sinking. Find out more below with Maddie.
Can you explore floating and sinking at home, you could fill a tub or tray with water and choose some toys or natural objects to test if they float or sink. You could even have a go in the bath!
The Storm Whale
 We have been reading The Storm Whale at Nursery and exploring the words used. Have a look at the link below for the story read aloud to you and lots of activities you can do with your grown up. 
Mathematics - talking about subtraction through number rhymes
Join the Numberblocks to sing along to 'Five Little Speckled Frogs'
Follow the link to sing along to some of your favourite Nursery rhymes and counting songs.
Watch Andy the zoo keeper counting frogs, can you count along? 
Join Clare for some doubling
You could use your fingers for this activity or find some objects to help with your counting and doubling.
Can you talk to your grown ups about the double patterns you have made ~ 4 and 4, 2 and 2. Can you tell your grown up what doubling is?
Do you recognise these Numicon plates from the Nursery?
Have a look in your Remote Learning Booklet and have a go at the challenges.
Join Tee and Mo in helping to look after Our Little World and look out for the recycling game.
Missing our friends
We have really enjoyed reading this story in the Nursery 'While we can't hug' by Eoin Mclaughlin and we thought you would like it too.
Snuggle up with Kaley to listen to a story all about a little tree frog called Felix
Fantastic Frogs!
In the Nursery we have really enjoyed visiting the wildlife garden, we have spotted lots of frogspawn in the pond and even saw a frog or two when we were super quiet.
Have a look at the links below to learn more about frogs and watch them in their habitat.
Grown ups, have a look at the Woodland Trust link and see if you can find any frogspawn with your child, do you have a pond in your garden you could have a look in? Maybe you could find a pond on your daily walk. 
Join Rosie to find out all about how tadpoles turn into frogs.
We love this frog song at Nursery, can you remember singing along to it with your friends?