Nursery Remote Learning Autumn 2021


Nursery Remote Learning

Hello from the Nursery team


We know that most of you are in the Nursery but if for some reason you are learning at home ~ try your best and keep in touch using the Nursery moles email address:

Autumn Term 2021
Please find some remote learning if you are at home at the moment. The daily timetable may be useful for you to plan your day.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Can you help your grown up to sort the washing out? Talk about how you decided to sort out the different items.
Communication and Language
Enjoy these activities with your grown up:
1. Listen to and identify the sounds - what can you hear?
2. Enjoy 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson and a poem about colours.
Physical Development and Music
Join Nick to sing a song about a boat and get moving with Oti!
Have a go at matching some halves to make a whole and join in with some number rhymes. Remember to use your fingers to help you with your counting.
Understanding the World
Exploring fabric with Kit and Pup!
Watch and talk about the story of 'Anansi and Turtle' with your grown up.
Talk about the characters, the plot and the setting.