Nursery Remote Learning WEEKLY PAGE

Week beginning 19.10.20
Please find remote learning for the week as below.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Lesson 5: Food across the globe
I wonder what delicious food you will make at home.
Have a look at the activity on the BBC 'Tiny Little People' website too.
Communication and Language
The Giant Turnip
Lessons 3, 4 and 5: Speak and dance and role-play the story
You could also watch 'Down on the farm' where you will find out about pumpkins and apples.
Physical Development and Music
Take some time to listen to your favourite music. Join Melody as she listens to 'Zorba's Dance' and makes gingerbread people.
You could also practise your catching inside with a balloon or outside with a ball.
Have fun and get moving!
Lessons 1, 2 and 3
Develop your vocabulary of length, weight and capacity.
You could also play a fun memory game - we love to play these at Nursery.
Understanding the World
Lesson 1: What make me unique?
Take some time to listen to 'Coming to England' which is written by Floella Benjamin and read by David Olusoga.