Nursery Remote Learning Weekly Page 29.03.21

Hello from the Nursery team


We know that most of you are in the Nursery now but if for some reason you are learning at home ~ try your best and keep in touch using the Nursery moles email address:

Week beginning 29th March 2021
Please find remote learning for the week as below.
Spring is here and we are busy in the Nursery bird watching and planting flowers and vegetables.
There are lots of Spring activities on this webpage so that you can join in too!
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Take a walk in the countryside - what can you see and hear?
Also, take some time to relax as you explore the beauty of colour in nature ~ I wonder what your favourite colour is.....
Communication and Language
We are learning this poem in the Nursery - you could try and learn it too!
Little Arabella Miller
Little Arabella Miller,
Found a hairy caterpillar,
First is crawled upon her mother,
Then upon her baby brother!
Everybody said:
'Arabella Miller - put away that caterpillar!'
Have a look at home and see if you can find a story with some insects or mini beasts in it.
Here are some of our favourites in the Nursery.
Physical Development and Music
As well as bird watching, we are learning all about sea creatures in the Nursery, so get moving with Oti and Andy!
Ordering by size and matching pairs - join in with these fun activities.
Understanding the World - growing plants and looking for wildlife
Watch these clips about how plants grow and join Jo Jo and Gran as they look for butterflies!
Watch and talk about the story of 'Anansi and Turtle' with your grown up.
Talk about the characters, the plot and the setting.