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Weeks beginning 11th and 18th January 2021
Hello everybody who is at home at the moment - we hope that you are ok.
We really miss seeing you in the Nursery but we are going to keep you involved and engaged with everything that we are doing through this page on the school website - so don't forget to come and have a look so that you can see any new clips, activities or ideas.
This week we have a story video for you to watch called 'While we can't Hug' - a lovely story about two friends who find lots of ways to show each other how much they care without hugging. 
Please share what you have been doing at home with Clare and she will pop it on this page to share with your friends - just email
Take care everyone and see you soon.
From everyone in the Nursery.
A BIG hello from the Nursery to everyone at home
Personal, Social and Emotional Development - play a game where you take turns
Have you got a game at home that you can play where you need to take turns? If not you could play the game below.
Communication and Language - learning how to hear phonemes and blend sounds by playing 'I hear in my little ear'
Join Clare to learn how to blend the different sounds in words.
You could practise at home with your grown ups too - get them to touch their
t-oe-s toes or their l-e-g leg!
Learning how to hear the phonemes in words and sound them out accurately helps children to make a good start in reading and writing.
Can you answer some questions about this picture?
Have a look at this farm picture with your grown up and talk about these questions together
- Where is the cat?
- How many cows are there?
- Where are the ducks?
- Find something that can swim.
- Where is the dog?
- How many dogs are there?
Physical Development - stretch your body with some yoga and practise using scissors to cut out some shapes to make a picture, maybe a delicious pizza!
Talk to your grown up about the names of the different shapes that you have made. Don't forget to send your pictures to Clare.
Name the shapes!
Have a look at these different shapes and see if you can learn their names.
Mathematics - talking about numbers through stories and joining in with some number rhymes
Follow the link to sing along to some of your favourite Nursery rhymes and counting songs.
Join Clare to learn the language of subtraction, through talking about how many sausages are left when saying the '10 fat sausages' number rhyme.
Counting with Numicon plates
See if you can quickly recognise the Numicon plates with Clare.
Project - constructing with recycled cardboard
Have a look at the images below and join in with Laura-Jane as she shows you how to join and construct with cardboard.
Recycle some cardboard at home and have a go at the different techniques.
Don't forget to send photos of your model to Clare.
Have a look for this symbol on the packages in your cupboards - it means that the packaging can be recycled
Watch the clip and talk to your grown ups about packaging, recycling and waste.
Collect and recycle some cardboard for a construction project - more details coming soon!
What's in the bag?
Listen to the clues to see if you can guess what is in the bag! Maybe you could find some objects in your house and play this with your grown ups at home.
Missing our friends
We have really enjoyed reading this story in the Nursery 'While we can't hug' by Eoin Mclaughlin and we thought you would like it too.