Online Safety

Parent Info
Parent Info is a new service for schools from The Parent Zone and CEOP. The information is designed to help parents build children’s resilience online and off. It covers a wide range of topics that affect children and young people, from body image to sexting, from what you need to know about Snapchat to online grooming.
You can visit the website by clicking on this link:
Net Aware
This site, from O2 and the NSPCC, provides a guide to the social networks your children use:
Think U Know
It can seem difficult to keep up to date with the technologies that children use. You can find lots of information and support about digital technologies, here:
Common Sense Media
This website provides age guidance for books, films, games and apps:

Helping your child with the Internet

Andrew Page, one of our ex-governors, has put together a really useful document giving advice about technical solutions that are available to help you regulate your child’s access time (both duration and time of day), should you wish to do so. It also gives tips on how to prevent your child from accidentally accessing inappropriate content.

You can read the whole document here: