Orville and Wilbur - A Biography

29th March 2018


The Wright Brothers   A Biography


Part 1

Orville and Wilbur were two boys who were at their home when their Dad came home. Their dad had a surprise for them, it was a propeller toy.

Their Dad showed it to them “let’s try it out” said Orville, “OK” said Wilbur “my turn first” demanded Wilbur “but make it quick”.


When Wilbur tried it, it flew, but oh no, it crashed into a tree, but the good thing was Wilbur fixed it. After they stopped playing with it, their Mum was ill and died.


Part 2

The next day Orville saw a girl on a bicycle, “look” said Orville, “at what” said Wilbur, “the girl on the bike” said Orville. “Let’s make a shop for building and fixing bikes” said Orville. So, a few years later they both started it.

Then one day they had a think about if a bike could balance on the road, somehow they thought maybe they could balance a plane in the air. They started making kites. When they had finished building one they went to a desert to test it.


Part 3

“Let’s wait till tomorrow” said Wilbur, but when they woke the next morning the kite was buried under the sand. “Quick DIG!” shouted Wilbur. When they dug it up it was ruined by the sandstorm, “we can’t fly it now” moaned Wilbur. “We can’t give up now” said Orville so they built another one and tied it in chains. The next day they tried it out, there was nobody in it but the flight lasted for almost 12 seconds, they kept making them, the next one took exactly 12 seconds, the next one was 15 seconds, then 15 seconds again. Then they got someone in the and managed to keep it flying for 30 minutes.


Part 4

They went on teaching people to build and fly biplanes and they became very famous.


Written by Oliver and Leonardo (Year 2 Pupils)