Parent Teacher Meetings

The Federation is a busy place with so much happening every week. We hope that these outline calendars for the year allow as many forward planning opportunities for you as possible. We spend time creating these calendars and at all costs try to keep to them so that you can organise your busy schedules to be as involved as much as you possibly can.

Across the Federation and in the Nursery too there are planned times for parent teacher meetings as we highly value the opportunity to share your child’s progress and well being with you.

These meetings enable us to work in partnership to ensure your child is happy and well, so that they are able to aspire to their next learning goals. We expect to meet a parent or nominated adult for every child at these vital partnership meetings. Older children may find it useful to be part of their own parent teacher meeting – this is optional at KS2.

Nursery Parent Teacher Meetings are called ‘Learning Journey Shares’ where parents are invited to spend time in the nursery at the start of  the end of the day looking at a range of delightful photos and observations that reflect their child’s learning. These are collated in each child’s ‘Learning Journey’ book. Staff are always available to share this with you when you visit.

Infant Parent Teacher Meetings 

You are invited to make an appointment by signing up on the timetables posted on the classroom doors prior to the meeting week. Appointments with the teachers are for 10 minutes, however if you think that you need longer than this please make a separate appointment with the class teacher via the office, so that the evening runs smoothly and to time. Before or after your meeting you will be able to view your child’s books and take your time looking at lovely displays of learning in the shared areas.

Junior School Parent Teacher Meetings 

These are hosted similarly to the Infant School with the option of bringing your child with you to share in the learning discussion if you wish.

Open Afternoons (Summer Term)

Open afternoons provide the opportunity to celebrate your child’s progress and achievements. Visit our lovely school sites, look at the amazing learning in your child’s books, around the corridors and outside. Watch out for upcoming dates in the calendar and newsletter!