We send the newsletter and all other paper letters and communications by PARENTMAIL. Please register your e-mail address or phone number so that we can share important information about school.

If you are having difficulty registering please talk to a the school office. If you do not have a mobile phone or access to the internet, come and let us know how you wish to receive information.



Making a payment

Across The Federation, it is now possible to pay for activities through ParentMail. This includes educational visits at both schools and in addition, paying for lunches at the Junior school.

Paying by ParentMail is the easiest way to pay and also helps us to save time in the school office.

Paying for a trip online also acts as your authorisation for your child to take part.

You can log in to the visits /lunches part of the Parentmail site and the instructions will lead you through the simple process. The school receives a daily report on who has paid for trips so we can mark our records accordingly. Lunch payments are automatically credited to your child's account. You can also view lunch history to see what meals your child has been taking. There is no charge to you for making payments online.

This is our preferred method of payment and we would therefore encourage all parents to pay in this way. If you have trouble accessing your account please speak to the school office.