Each school has a fantastic group of parents and friends on the look out for ways to increase funding and enrich the world of fun and activity and we can offer the children.

Throughout the year they raise heaps of money and host events just to be enjoyed.

Meetings are held to organise events, they are friendly and open to all.

A crèche is available during meeting times at the Infant School, come along to either school PTFA, you won’t be the Chairperson by the time you leave (!) but will have contributed your ideas and become as involved as you want to be.

Infant School:

Contact Simon or Nat at

Junior School:

Contact Jamie Sullivan at

Other ways to fundraise:
Perhaps your employer or an organisation you know might support the school?
Often companies are happy to help if they are asked and they have all the information they need.
To help, we have put together a leaflet and a letter that you can download (see below).
This provides information about a range of ways to fundraise within the working community + the charity number of the PTFA which seems essential to this happening successfully!
This is a letter template that you can download and personalise before passing on to an employer or company post holder explaining how funding our Federation might work.
It's always worth a try - 'if you don't ask you don't get' is an old saying that still exists because perhaps it is true!
Thanks in advance for your time and efforts in finding us some additional money to support the children.
Let us know if you have anything in the pipeline and we will keep our fingers crossed!