Reading and Writing

How we teach reading and writing


Across the Federation, in partnership with parents, we aim to instil a love of literature from an early age. Through the use of high quality, attractive and engaging ‘big books’ library books and guided reading books, children are shown how different texts work, e.g. stories, poems, non-fiction reference books or instructional texts. Amazing stories drive aspects ot he curriculum from Sylvia and the Bird in Year 1 to  in year 6.

Our rich curriculum provides a multitude of real reasons to read and to write. A structured step by step programme of learning letter and sounds – often called , ‘systematic, synthetic phonics’ starts with simple rhyming games, songs and oral recognition of sounds, then leads onto mastering spelling families, rules and the world of grammar and punctuation.

Each day Stoke Hill children are encouraged to use their speaking and listening skills in all areas of the curriculum. Children are given opportunities to express their ideas and imagination through a variety of role-play activities and through drama sessions, use their ‘pupil voice’ and interact with adults in the school community articulately.

There is a much bigger emphasis on the teaching of grammar in the new National Curriculum.
We hope this guide will help you to understand the grammar terms your child will be learning.