Starting School with SEND or with English as an Additional Language


We will do all that we can to enable your child to make friends, settle quickly to their new surroundings and enjoy learning at school.
When you first arrive there will be staff available to help you fill out the admission forms. You will need to bring a copy of

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your child’s passport
We will share information in your home language where we can. You will be invited to look around the school and visit the classrooms. A start date for your child will be agreed.

At the Infant School we invite you to stay with your child for the first two mornings so you can translate for your child.

At the Junior School we aim to introduce your child to another child who speaks the same language whenever possible. Then they will both go on a tour of the school with an adult.

Our staff are experienced at teaching children who are at different stages of learning English. We will adapt our teaching to their needs, providing dual language materials whenever possible, providing additional speaking and listening practise in a small group, and visual materials to enable your child to learn.

If you want to find out how your child is progressing or how we can help please contact your child’s teacher.

Following a successful in-year application parent and child will be invited for a tour of the school and depending upon the age and stage of the children induction will be discussed and agreed for each individual.
Younger children may start school for several half days to begin with, older children may feel confident enough to begin in a new class straight away. Senior staff will talk to you about the preferred pattern of attendance on your visit.

What we do

Across the Federation we promise to empower your child to be the best they can be. We work hard to get to know each and every child in order that we can personalise the curriculum and ensure that their needs are met. We understand the importance of educating the whole child and that this is best achieved by working closely with the family. Please view our SEND Information Report & SEN Policy

We recognise that starting a new school can be a very challenging time for parents and possibly more so if your child has special needs or a disability. We will do everything possible to make the process as happy and worry free as possible.

We know that to enable all children to access the curriculum some may need additional support with a teaching assistant and some children need individual or small group work. The school and its grounds are completely wheel chair accessible. A loop system is available in several classrooms.

Admission and Transition

The schools work closely with pre-school providers/other educational settings to ensure a smooth transition into the Federation. This can be achieved by the class teacher visiting a child in their pre-school or other setting and/or arranging a meeting with the relevant staff and agencies through a series of meetings. At the end of Year 2 most children will transfer to Stoke Hill Junior School, with transition arrangements made individually for all children with additional needs or a disability. Liaison with secondary schools is strong with needs and provision discussed with the receiving secondary school once a place has been allocated
If you have a concern the first person to contact is the class teacher to arrange a time to meet.  At this meeting the class teacher will listen carefully and together you can agree a way forward. A follow up meeting will be arranged to review progress and take further action if necessary.  After two weeks, if you are still have concerns please contact the school office and arrange to meet with the deputy or head teacher. At this stage the class teacher may request the advice and involvement of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).

The name of the Federation Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Mrs Gill Holmyard. Contact her on with her name in the message or leave a message with any senior member of staff if you would like to talk to her.