Thank you from Ghana

9th November 2015

5th November, 2015

Dear Mr Souter, Mrs McKimm, All Staff and All Children at Stoke Hill School,



This is a letter to say A BIG THANK YOU for donating your old tables and chairs to us – children of Akuapem Hills Preparatory School (AHPS), Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana, West Africa.

It took rather a long time (about 5 months) and much cost, that is about £1,750 (shipment cost) for the tables and chairs to arrive in our school, about 3,500 miles from your school. But we are happy that we now have broader tables to work on and a chair each for every child in the classroom, instead of the heavy-narrow-fixed old-styled desks that we used to have.

We started using your donated old chairs and tables (which are now new for us) this September, beginning of the academic year. They are quite a transformation to our classrooms and learning. As you will notice from some of our pictures to you, we are now able to spread our big art books with our colouring containers sitting nicely on the tables as well. We have enough space for other books and our pens and pencils cases. This may seem a trivial thing to say, but to us, compared to our old desks, they have made so much difference, and that will go a long way to make our learning easy, fun and enjoyable – precisely what every child needs in the 21st century!

In August this year, foundations for a three-storey building consisting of: 7 classrooms, a big library, a science laboratory, a computer suite, an office and a staff common-room were laid. It may take about three years to complete if we are able to raise funds through our charity/NGO, the Akuapem Hills Educational Trust Fund (AHPSETFund).

Please, do let Uncle Nii Yaoboi know if you have any more chairs, tables, computers, story books, science equipment, etc. that you no more need, he will ensure that they get to us.

We hope you may invite Uncle Nii Yaoboi to tell you more about our school.

Once again A BIG THANK YOU, ‘Yeda mo ase papaa-pa!

Yours gratefully,

Children, Teachers and Auntie Naa (Head teacher of AHPS)