The Curriculum in Action


To find out more about the Stoke Hill curriculum ‘in action’ please visit the Learning Letter pages for each class ‘click here’ These termly curriculum letters review and celebrate past learning, outline future projects and provide detail regarding the teaching of English and Mathematics. The letters also include suggestions of how to help your child at home.

Our children are proud of their learning and opportunities are many for you to see what they have achieved. Look out for invitations to Family Assemblies, open afternoons, events in the classrooms and other memorable moments.

This is what children say about their learning…


‘I love outside, I shake my wellies to get the bits out then can go out and play’

This is my ‘Happy Nursery’

‘When it is hard that is OK, I know I will be able to do it in the end, I am determined’

My teacher is a bit like my learning friend, she knows what I need to learn and helps me with it, she smiles a lot’