The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum


Infant and Nursery School Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Early Years Curriculum provides opportunities and conditions for every Stoke Hill child to flourish in all aspects of their development. It provides a balance across all areas of learning and values each child’s efforts, interests and culture.  It empowers the children to be the best they can be, embraced the diversity of our community and is captivating.

The Early Years Nursery and Foundation Stage teams quickly get to know the interests of individuals, groups and classes of children and are quick to harness enthusiasms for learning in active, outdoorsy ways. Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage is practical, purposeful, creatively linked, active and open ended with visitors and visits enriching the curriculum regularly.

A great deal of learning is initiated by the child and adults working alongside the children tirelessly facilitate and help develop effective learning strategies such as:

 Being willing to have a go

 Being involved and concentrating

 Having their own ideas

 Choosing ways to do things

 Finding new ways

 Enjoying and achieving what they set out to do


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