The Rainbow Fish Concert

17th March 2016

Growing out of the chidlren's interest in sea creatures and their project called 'Commotion in the Ocean' a concert based upon the ever popular 'Rainbow Fish' was the perfect choice.
The play, written by Miss Taylor, Miss Brookes, Mrs Ryan and Mrs Carthew told the  message that sharing and being a friend is really important. Stoke Hill children learn this in a range of ways, none more captivating that in their concert singing and acting.
The Rainbow Fish found it hard to share his beatiful, shiny, scales but was sad to be alone and without a friend.
Thank goodness someone explained to him that 'to have a friend you need to be a friend and share'.
Children sang songs titled 'Love is Someting if you Give it Away' and the 'Octopus Jazz'. Their finale song included words such as 'I'm a friend of yours and you're a friend of mine'.
Thank you to everyone for supporting our learning though singing and drama, we have all had a wonderful, rainbow time.