Welcome to Reception

Starting in Reception 


We are excited to welcome you to Reception in September 2023.

Please have a look at the information on this page including the key dates for induction and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Welcome Meeting
We hope you can join us at the welcome meeting for parents whose children are joining Reception in September 2023 ~ Wednesday 21st June from 9.30 - 10.30 in the main school hall.
We warmly welcome you to our school
Thank you for your interest in our school, we hope that the  information across the website will give you a sense of our school and what it is like to be a learner here.
You'll see some inspiring glimpses of what we get up to inside and the names and faces of the staff who teach in Reception.
If you have any questions or queries, please do contact the school and the admin team will pass it onto the appropriate person.
The Early Years Foundation Stage ~ Reception
The Early Years of Education are the foundation for children’s future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development.
A revised statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum was implemented in September 2021 for children aged 3-5.  You can view the Department for Education 'What to expect in the Early Years' information for parents below.
We are committed to providing a high quality curriculum that enables children to acquire the skills represented in the framework through meaningful learning opportunities.
We have crafted the curriculum to include a balance of adult-directed and child-initiated activities, considering the intellectual challenge in all that the children experience.

We work hard to build positive and respectful relationships with the children, their families and their community – working in partnership to ensure all children are confident, happy, self-assured and successful.



The Learning Environments in Reception
Each space in Reception has a clear identity and provides different learning possibilities. The Dragonfly class is also the studio, Bee class is also the workshop and Ladybird class is the nest.
Creating in the Studio 

The studio is a dedicated space where children can deeply connect and work collaboratively on projects. They have the time to be curious, follow lines of enquiry and have their learning extended by being introduced to a wide variety of media and resources by a thoughtful, reflective practitioners.

Exploring in the Workshop


Exploring with the blocks in the workshop develops so many areas of learning and development including negotiation, communication and language, and mathematics.


When children are building they are comparing and counting the blocks, measuring distance, using symmetry and continuously solving problems and thinking creatively.

Learning in the Nest


Role play is how children make sense of their world, acting out experiences, ideas or stories. Imagination, which is at the heart of children’s role play, is more important than knowledge according to Albert Einstein, “for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.”


Role play takes place throughout the setting, indoors and out. It can be encouraged in a specific area where props to further the play are provided. Arches, windows and fabrics invite children into the role play area and cosy nooks allow them to withdraw for solitary and imaginary play. Natural and recycled materials extend children’s play in open ended ways.

Our Gallery
Take a look at some of the exciting learning that happens in Reception...
A warm hello from the teaching team in Reception 
Miss Lola Curtis

Reception Teacher - Dragonfly Class

Miss Curtis is looking forward to teaching in Dragonfly Class. She is passionate about exploring children’s creativity through expressive arts. She loves being outdoors and in her spare time, she enjoys going for walks along the beach.

Mrs Mel Wills

Teaching Assistant in Dragonfly Class

Mrs Wills is really looking forward to getting to know our new children and their families.

Mrs Ruth Simmons

Reception teacher

Mrs Simmons will be a familiar face in the Nursery and Reception classes. She has a wide experience of teaching in early years and especially enjoys developing communication and language skills through stories, rhymes and songs.

Miss Emma Marsh

Reception Teacher - Ladybird Class

Miss Marsh's passions are in early child development, particularly speech and language development and also children’s personal development and wellbeing.
Her favourite part of the day is story time and her bag is always full of books that she thinks the class will love!

Miss Natalie Smith

Teaching Assistant in Ladybird Class

Miss Smith can't wait to play with you in our exciting Foundation Stage garden.

Miss Haydee Bottard

Reception Teacher - Bee Class

Miss Bottard is passionate about the early years of education. She believes that being a Reception class teacher is a privilege as it is so wonderful to be such a big part in a child's school experience.

Mrs Sharon Rourke

Higher Level Teaching Assistant in Bee Class

Mrs Rourke loves storytime and can't wait to share lots of lovely books with you.


Stoke Hill Federation Breakfast and After School Club


The Federation offers a Breakfast & After School Club facility for children attending both the Junior and the Infant & Nursery School.

Our staff take and collect children from the Infant School each day and safely escort them between sites.

For more information and an application form regarding either club please contact Lisa Sinclair, Extended Schools Manager.


Telephone 01392 667830 or 07906815479. Alternatively

Mrs Lisa Sinclair

Lisa manages the extended schools provision

Starting School Information Documents
If you would like to read any of the school policies, they can be found on the 'Statutory Information' section of the website under the heading 'Policies'.
Information about school meals and uniform can be found in the 'About Us' section.
If you would prefer a paper copy of these documents or need further information, please contact the school office.