Year 1 Learning at Home 13.07.20

Welcome to the Year 1 'Learning at Home' page ~

Exciting news! Keep an eye on your letter box, there is a Learning Pack on the way to you! 

You will notice that the Year 1 Learning at Home page has changed and now mainly includes links and resources to support the Learning Packs. The Learning Packs will be sent out each week and will support the week's project and core curriculum subjects. 

Please continue to visit the website, which we will will still be updating each Friday by 4pm.


Changes to email contact 

With teachers now busy in school teaching and planning, we ask that you email them with one photo of your child's learning per week along with a caption for it. If you have any queries about the learning, email your child's teacher and they will reply to you when they can. For any other inquiries, please contact the admin team. 


Class E-mails:

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School E-mail:

Weekly Message 29.06.20
Hello Year 1, 
What a year it's been! We're all so proud of the hard work you and your families have been doing over the last few months. Enjoy the last week of Learning at Home and look out for a treat in your second 'Let's Make Changes' learning pack. 
Love from Mrs Kenney, Mrs Okey, Miss Brooks and Miss Lavis ~
Become familiar with your Year 2 class! See pack for details.   
Reading practise: 
Phonics practise:  
Practise the joins wh and oh. See PDF below. 
1OK Gallery 
Here are some of the wonderful things 1OK have been doing at home and school!
1L Gallery
Here are some of the wonderful things 1L have been doing at home and school! 
1B Gallery 
Here are some of the wonderful things 1B have been doing at home and school!
This week we will be learning about capacity. See pack for details.
Additional practise - see 'Homework' section of Education City. 
Learn how we can make changes to look after our oceans. 
See pack for details. 
Extra challenge! 

What are people doing to make changes, and what can we do in school to reduce the plastic we produce.

Look at the PowerPoint with children who have made a big difference to their communities because of their action against plastic. Watch the ‘refill rap’ and talk about what actions we could take, big or small.
P.E. with Joe Wicks and BBC Dance: 
Have a look at the Calm Zone activities available by following the link below. 
Here are the stories read to you by your teachers over the last few weeks: 
Education City 
There are activities set on Education City by your teachers in the 'Homework' section of Education City, but feel free to explore the site and select other games to play too.