Year 1 Remote Learning W.B. 11.1.21

Hello from your Teachers! ~ 
Hello again, 
We hope you are getting on well at home, we are missing you all very much at school! 
This week we have a story video for you to watch called 'While we can't Hug' - a lovely story about two friends who find lots of ways to show each other how much they care without hugging. 
We would also like you to try to think of 3 things that have made you happy each day this week. It could be anything at all, perhaps going for a walk, drawing a beautiful picture or eating your favourite food for dinner! You could share your ideas with your family or friends, write them down or draw them. 
Have a wonderful week, 
From Mrs Kenney, Mrs Carthew, Miss Brooks and Miss Lavis ~ 
Phonics - revision of phase 3 phonics on Education City Education City
Phonics - revision of phase 3 phonics on Education City Education City
Maths -  counting in 10s
After you have joined in with today's lesson you might like to login into 
Education City and play: 
              'Counting in Stens'.

After you have joined in with today's lesson you might like to login into Education City and play:  

         'Ridiculous Roads'.

After you have joined in with Maths today you might like to play
'Ridiculous Roads'  or to
try this new game:
Please use the Oxford Owl link for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level. You will need to register but it is free to use and access.
Once you have logged in, select:
>book band 
>choose the colour book band you child is currently reading
This week we are focusing on how to reduce our waste at home. 
Talk with your grown-up about what you already do at home to help our planet and talk about a new way to help that you would like to try. It might be that you will try to buy or use less plastic, you might recycle more or save energy by turning off lights that you aren't using.  The clips below will give you some ideas to start with.
Then, either make a poster to show what you are going to do or make some signs to put up around your home to remind the other people in your family how they can help. 
Remember you could use the back of some old paper or cardboard from your recycling at home to do this!
The two famous astronauts that we are learning about were surrounded by stars in space. 
Lots of artists have been interested in making night sky art work.  One famous painting is called 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh.  Use the link to the powerpoint below to find out more about this artist.
Can you make your own starry night art using resources you have at home?  You could use art materials if you have them but don't worry if not because you could find dark sheets and clothes to use or take a night sky photograph.
Two men are really famous for being the first people to walk on the moon.  They were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  This week we want you to use the links below to find out some interesting facts about the moon landing.  
In your remote learning book please write at least one fact that you thought was exciting!  Try and draw a picture or build a model of the rocket - Apollo 11 - you could use cushions and sheets to make your own rocket to play in!
Below are some links to keep your child moving.