Year 2

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Welcome to the Year 2 Remote Learning page
Year 2 news!
Hopefully you will have heard about our new topic this term entitled
Polar Opposites, No plastic, that's fantastic!
The children in Year 2 have been really enthusiastic and inspired by our new topic, learning about the climate, geography and animals that live in the Polar regions of the world, and how we all need to look after them.
Here are some of the words that we are learning to use in our writing this term.
In school we have been reading the poetry book 'Tell Me a Dragon' written and illustrated by Jackie Morris.
Have a read through the of the book on the PowerPoint below and have a look at the beautiful illustrations.
Think about the kind of dragon you would like to have.
Do a drawing or a painting of your dragon. 
Then try and write a poem like the one in the book about your dragon.
Please have a go at the spellings below. They will help you revise your learning from this term.
We are learning to draw our own empty number lines and use these to solve addition and subtraction calculations. 
Have a look at the PowerPoint and follow the examples step by step on your own whiteboard or piece of paper. 
Then, try to use the same method to solve the questions on the last slide independently. 
This PowerPoint contains four lessons, two for addition and two for subtraction. 
Maths Education City Games
We have previously added links to these games on this page. 
The most up to date and relevant games that match the learning in school are now updated fortnightly and available on Education City directly via your child's personal log in.
This allows the teachers to track who is accessing the activities and how they are progressing.
Your child's log in was sent home at the start of the year and also recorded in their Green Reading Record diary.
Please contact your child's teacher directly if you would like a reminder.
To get your bodies moving and keep active at home, try these links: 

This half term we will be learning all about the Arctic and the North Pole. We will be learning about the animals that live there and how they are specially adapted to survive in the freezing conditions.


Task 1 Science

To get you started, watch the short video clip called A Walk in the Arctic to find out about the weather conditions and the animals that live at the North Pole.

Then have a look at the document called Arctic Animal Habitats.

Choose one of the animals you have found out about, and do a careful drawing and write three facts about how their bodies are adapted to survive in the Arctic.

Task 2 Art

WALT make an Polar diorama

A diorama is like a ‘small world’ scene, a bit like a miniature film set!

You will need:

•a small box, about the size of a shoe box to get started
•any kind of paints, colouring pens, crayons or pencils
•some paper, either plain white or coloured or some card
•any materials you could use as special effects, e.g. cotton wool or shiny tin foil
•useful materials that you might find in the recycling bin, e.g. foil containers, metal lids, clear plastic.

You can be as creative and imaginative as you like! There is no right or wrong way to do this, so long as your finished diorama makes you feel a bit chilly when you look at it!

You could make stand up models of some of the animals that live in  the Arctic or Antarctica, drawing them on to paper or card. You could even try and make a miniature Scientific Research Station!
Have a look at the pictures on the Ideas for making a diorama document to give you some further ideas.
Use the link below to visit the Oxford Owl website, where you can filter eBooks by age range and genre. We recommend enjoying a text three times over a period of a week, to build fluency and develop comprehension skills.

You may be asked to log in to read a text. To do so, please select 'parent' log in and create a free account if you haven't already to access their brilliant online library.