Year 6

Year 6 daily learning will appear here in the event of the school closing.
If you have any queries relating to the tasks for the day, teachers will check their emails regularly during normal school hours. If you have any other concerns please direct them to the school email address which will also be checked regularly.
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Hello Year 6 and welcome to your final week at Stoke Hill! This week, we are doing home learning slightly differently. We are going to offer you a range of fun activities for each subject and you can choose the order in which you complete them.

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at the Leavers Day on Tuesday. If you are not coming in, please get in touch with your teacher to let them know when you will be able to collect your books and anything from your locker or tray. Unfortunately, anything which is left in school at the end of the week will be thrown away.

Thank you for all of the work you have sent us during home learning over the past weeks. It has been a very unusual year but we are very proud of you all and wish you the best of luck at your new schools!



This is the list of activities to choose from for English this week (all resources are below):

  • Escape the room game - SPAG
  • The Mystery of the Stolen Space Suit - SPAG mystery
  • The Obstacle Course Catastrophe Sports Day - SPAG mystery
  • Choose two 10 minute writing challenges of your choice from the Authorfy website. There are lots of different challenges to choose from created by many famous children's authors.



Please read for 20 minutes each day. Remember you can do quizzes on Accelerated Reader at home by following this link:



This is the list of activities to choose from for Maths this week (all resources are below):

  • Escape the room 
  • The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure
  • The Mystery of the Pilfered Penguins
  • Emoji multiplication and division
  • Prime number colouring investigation


There are two topic tasks to complete this week, plus Wellbeing Wednesday.

1. Reflect on your whole time at Stoke Hill and produce a memory page of things related to the school. This could be topics you have learnt about, trips you have been on, funny memories and much more. Be as creative as you like!


2. Produce a fact file, poster or PowerPoint on a subject which particularly interests you. This could be your favourite sport, your favourite period within History, your favourite animal - the choice is yours! Complete some research and then produce your information in any creative way you want to. 



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