Infant School
At Stoke Hill Infant and Nursery School, we do all we can to prepare children for life by encouraging family members to support their child and engage with their education. The expectations for home learning will gradually increase as your child moves through the school.
In Nursery, all children have a book bag and can choose a library book to take home with them. This is an opportunity to find a quiet time in the day to share a story or information book together, talking about the characters and any facts that you have learned together.
In Reception, the children will start by continuing to bring home a library book of their choice. When they have started learning to blend sounds in Little Wandle phonics lessons, they will start to bring a reading practice book home which will be linked to the sounds they have learned. Please enjoy reading these books with your child as often as you can. Information about how to share these books in different ways is below.
In Year 1 and 2 home learning is made up by Reading and Maths: Reading is a huge part of the primary curriculum and, as such, has a strong focus in our school day. To support this, we will be sending your child home with two books each week:
1. A reading practice book which your child’s class teacher will select based on their current phonics knowledge and reading skills. Your child will have already read this book with an adult in school and they should be able to read it fluently and independently.
2. A Library book which your child will choose from the school library. The aim of this is for your child to access a wide range of high-quality texts and it is intended for an adult to read this with them. Please see the sticker inside your child’s reading record for more detailed information.
To support Maths learning in school, we are continuing our subscription to Mathseeds to enhance our home learning. Your child will start this in school by completing a Placement Test which assesses their current understanding and places them at a correct level on the map. They will then bring home their login information for their individual account so that you can use it at home. Our expectation is for children to complete one lesson over a period of a fortnight and teachers will monitor this regularly. One lesson on Mathseeds contains between 10 and 20 mini-activities to be completed online, linked to a particular concept. Lessons are accessed from the centre of the homepage once logged in. One blue and white numbered circle on the map is a lesson. Your child can earn rewards as they progress along the map and these can be used in other areas of the website. Your child’s class teacher will track their progress but there is also an option for you to create a parent account if you wish. The Placement Tests are being carried out in school so home learning should begin in the week of the 25th September.
Please note that reading records and reading books should be brought to school every day so that adults can read with your child and change their books each week. If a book is not returned, you will be charged a fee to replace it. Your child will not be given a new book until the previous book has been returned to the class teacher.
If you have any questions or concerns about home learning, please speak to your child’s class teacher.
Junior School