Infant and Nursery School Curriculum


Infant and Nursery School Curriculum

The Stoke Hill Federation Curriculum


Across the Federation we have seized the opportunity curriculum guidance has given us and have worked collaboratively to create an exciting, active and relevant curriculum for our 21st century learners.


At the Infant and Nursery School our curriculum is characterised by developing a sense of belonging to the community, thinking critically, developing a love and understanding of the natural world and learning from experts.


Carefully negotiated projects characterise learning and experiences across the year groups with visits and visitors enriching and deepening children’s understanding.


Every part of the school is focused on removing barriers to learning in whatever shape they take. With disabled access throughout, experienced staff have up to date knowledge of additional needs experienced by children and provide knowledgeable support for children where English is an additional language.

Planning and Teaching 
Working closely to our progression documents, teachers in KS1 plan engaging and active learning that is characterised by:
developing children’s strong sense of belonging to the school and the wider community
acquiring knowledge, understanding and respect for the natural world
having rich and meaningful opportunities to become critical thinkers
developing creativity, though 'apprenticeship' learning from skilled others
Learning Letters and Knowledge Organisers for your child


Teachers in your child's year group write a 'Learning Letter' each term to provide an overview of current learning in mathematics, English and 'project' for your child. 


Accompanying this Learning Letter is a 'Knowledge Organiser' which captures some of the main concepts and vocabulary taught as part of their project work (more detail about the curriculum taught can be found in the relevant 'Progression Documents' further down this page).


Early Years Foundation Stage -  Nursery and Reception projects regularly focus upon aspects of the curriculum area titled 'Understanding the World'.


Key Stage 1 projects typically focus on learning in Science, Art and Design, History, Geography, etc. and can be a combination of subjects.


Both the Learning Letter and the Knowledge Organiser can also be found below and are sent home as paper copies for handy reference.

EYFS & KS1 Learning Letters 2021-22
  EYFS & KS1 Knowledge Organisers 2021-22
Our Curriculum Intentions, Implementation and Impact
In an overview, we have captured the strengths of our school and, all that we intend our curriculum to comprise and how we implement the curriculum. The document also lists the ways in which we evaluate the impact of teaching and learning across the Infant and Nursery School.
The Curriculum 'subject by subject' document provides more subject detail around the National Curriculum subjects plus Religious Education (RE) and Personal, Social, Moral Education (PSME).
On closer inspection we hope these two documents will convey to you the multifaceted and dynamic nature of education for your child at Stoke Hill Infant and Nursery.
KS1 Foundation Subject Progression Documents
We have developed a curriculum that is progressive and frames the knowledge and understanding of the range of subjects as outlined in the National Curriculum (2014).
Interested in what is taught in Year 1 and in Year 2 and the vocabulary children will be learning? 
See the 'KS1 Progression Documents' below:
Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
We are in the process of reviewing our Nursery and Foundation Stage curriculum in light of the updated Early Years Guidance which comes into place in September 2021.
Staff are currently attending training and working collaboratively to ensure the early years curriculum builds a strong foundation for learning and implements a curriculum for our children 3-5yrs that is coherent and progressive, linking smoothly with the KS1 curriculum planning and pedagogy.
We aspire to a curriculum, both Early Years and Key Stage 1, that also reflects the characteristics that make our school and nursey very special, wherever your child is learning.
An early years curriculum where children:
develop a strong sense of belonging to the school and the wider community
acquire knowledge, understanding and respect for the natural world
have rich and meaningful opportunities to become critical thinkers
develop creativity, though 'apprenticeship' learning from skilled others