Latest National Results

Federation Results
During their time at the Infant School, children are assessed against three national benchmarks:
  • End of Reception - GLD (Good Level of Development)
  • End of Year 1 - National Phonics check
  • End of Year 2 - National tests (commonly known as SATs)
Our approach to testing children is friendly and supportive and are used to support the teacher judgements. We aim for children to proudly showcase their ability, independently. 
In June each year children in year 4 take part in a national Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). This data is not reported nationally. 

During May in the final year of Key Stage 2, year 6 children undertake National Curriculum Tests (commonly known as SATs) in English, Mathematics and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. 

Writing is assessed by teachers against the standards as set out in the National Curriculum. These results are included in our national data and moderated by the Local Authority.