Year 1

Remote Learning

Infant and Nursery School
Hello Year 1
If your child is absent from school due to Covid and feels well enough to continue their learning, please spend some time working on the activities below.
You are encouraged to bring in any completed work to school on their return to share with their teachers.
The staff in Year 1 send their best wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing your child when they are better.
~ from Miss Brooks, Miss Dopson, Miss Tamlin and Mrs Ryan.
The Three Little Pigs
Our English topic for the first half of the Spring term is based on The Three Little Pigs. We will start by learning the story and key vocabulary through actions and pictures. This is where we spend a lot of time discussing the story in detail. To help understand and remember the story these are some things you can do at home... 

-Make simple stick puppets using paper and lolly sticks and create a puppet show.  

-Have a go at pretending to phone the wolf or the pigs and find out how they are feeling and what they were doing in the story. 


Draw the story using simple pictures. 

Choose a new word from the story discuss the meaning and try and use it when talking at home. 


 In our writing we will continue to focus on using capital letters at the start of a sentence and full stops at the end. To extend and develop our writing we will begin to use capital letters for people's names as well as introducing the word and to join words and phrases. We will use a range of adjectives to add detail to our writing. To support writing these are some things you can do at home... 


-Draw the wolf and write as many adjectives as possible to describe what he looks like, how he moves, his character. Remember to use a phonics chart.  

-Choose two adjectives from the picture of the wolf and put them in a sentence using the word and. 

-Choose your favourite part of the story and write sentences to match it. 

Have a go at the phonics games below. 
Can you remember your phase 3 digraphs?
Maths - we will be continuing to learn about place value this week.

This week we will be learning to find one more and one less than any 2-digit number and counting in 10s. We will be using a range of resources, including a 100 square and bead bar. 

Things to try at home...

How did you get on last week making your own 100 square?

Maybe this week you can make a pack of cards that go up in tens.

Use some of the Education City games below to practise your skills. As we learn new topics more games will be added.

We have also added the next few Oak Academy sessions to progress your learning within place value.

Please find the links for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level. You can find their level on their Reading Record.
1.  History
We will use the story of The Three Little Pigs to explore how houses are similar and different and how they have changed over time. We will look at the things that keep us safe, warm and entertain us in our homes. By looking in books and asking people we know we will build a picture of what it was like in the past, up to the last 100 years. 
  • Go on a hunt around your home for what things keep you safe, warm and entertain you. 

  • Ask older members of the family how these were different when they were little or when their parents were little. 

  • Technology are things made by man to make life easier. What new and old technologies do you have in your home? Group them and draw them to record what you found out. 

Science and DT :  We will become weather experts by looking at the different types of weather in the UK and compare it to other countries. We will keep a weather diary to discuss the changes over a period of timeas well as design and make a rain catcher. At home you could... 

-Make your own weather diary and at the end of the week discuss which weather you had the most and least of. 

  • Look at holiday pictures and pictures of hot and cold countries. Which types of weather are the same and different to the UK? 

  • Use a plastic bottle to make a simple rain catcher and mark how much rain you get each day. Is it the same every day? 

Below are some links to help keep your child moving. 


We will design pictures using a range of tools and learn to save and retrieve our work. Have a go at painting on a simple paint app. With support can you save and open your picture.