Federation Maths Curriculum Intent

As the National Curriculum states, Maths is ‘essential to everyday life’ and, as such, it has a prominent place in our curriculum at Stoke Hill. We want our learners to be equipped for the mathematical challenges that they will come across in everyday life, now and in the future. We aim to give our pupils a deep understanding of number and number relationships, as well as a positive and confident attitude and a growing curiosity towards Maths itself. In our Early Years provision, our children develop their mathematical understanding primarily through play, before moving into Key Stage 1 and 2 where daily discrete lessons are dedicated to engaging and accessible mathematical teaching and learning. We value the use of concrete resources and want children to be confident in using a range of apparatus and representations independently. We aspire for our children to build rich connections across mathematical ideas and to see links with their everyday experiences, noticing Maths in other subjects and areas of learning. We want mathematicians at Stoke Hill to have strong arithmetical fluency to support them in carrying out calculations. We aim for them to able to reason and explain their thinking using mathematical vocabulary, applying their learning to a range of contexts and proving their answers. We want to develop resilient learners that seek challenge and are confident in solving problems and thinking in different ways.