School Council

Pupil Voice


Pupils develop their understanding of two key British values, democracy and mutual respect via the School Council. Those wishing to be elected present to their class as part of the election process. The children do an excellent job of sharing why they should be elected and for this reason, elections are held every term to give more children the opportunity to be a member of the school council.


Autumn 2023

Junior School council members meet with Mrs Padbury once week in the meeting room where they share lunch and work together to make a difference. Each term will begin by celebrating what we all like about our school but importantly the focus then moves to how we can make our school even better. Each term children will also have an event/ mini project to work towards.Some of the things we like about our school:

· Green spaces, a big school, teaching and good lessons, friendly leaders, long lunch to help with good mindset, chats with friends, the lunch time salad bar, amazing playground and equipment and sports opportunities.

Even better if...

· Do more to help climate change, make more use of the field, more trips and visits, even more reading in class, even more learning outside and a few more clubs such as a writer club or history club.

Focus/ Event:

· Children in Need. Decide on the theme. Promote fundraising, design posters, organise and help with cake sale. Present in assembly.

· Operation Christmas-Festive jumper day and Christmas lunch.

Guest Speaker: PCSO for our community.

Autumn 2023

The Infant School - the new School Council met with Miss Hearle for the first time and had lots of positive things to say about school and great ideas about how to make it even better!

We like: that we practice our phonics, when we learn our maths, the climbing frame, making friends, maths because each year it gets harder and harder, that we get different lunch every single day, doing MathSeeds, sitting at tables more in Y2

How we could make our school even better: more PE equipment, more clubs, buy some lovely things, more online learning games, put more rubbish in the bin, ice cream stalls, more play equipment on the bottom playground.