School Council

What children think and say to us is really important; they are here every day and have great ideas about their learning and their school. Often children have solutions to problems and good advice for the leadership team!

The Junior School Council members asked their classes 'Why are we proud to be part of Stoke Hill?':

We have amazing grounds – lots of trees and wildlife and an amphitheatre

We have a brilliant Green Team and we are eco-friendly; we do lots of gardening

Lots of things to do at lunchtime

Nice lunches

Chickens, guinea pig and rabbit – we look after animals

We always work hard and try our best

Discussions in lessons – we share our ideas

Lollipop man who keeps us safe

We are friendly - everyone gets along – everyone is nice - everyone is smiling

We are sporty – football and basketball at lunchtimes

Good sports teams to represent our school

We are proud of our playground

We are proud of our classrooms

Sense of community

We can have lots of different responsibilities (school council, ambassadors, librarian, Green Team, looking after animals)

Teachers organise good trips for us and help us do exciting learning

The staff are kind and look after us

We have lots of clubs

Our library has lots of books to read and is a nice place to be

We’re in the heart of learning

Proud of our badge

Multi-cultural community – we have people from all over the world

Fun, exciting and interesting topics

We help each other and work as a team, learning and playing

We have lots of fun

We do amazing productions

We feel safe