Performance and Music

Music Day
We love music at the Junior School. Whether it is singing songs in assembly or learning to compose and play instruments to the wonderful productions, music plays a very important part of learning at Stoke Hill.
Recently we celebrated the subject by spending a whole day learning about different aspects of music. 
Y1 Christmas Show - Wriggly Nativity
Music Concert
We have many children that play instruments across the school. Music teachers visit the school and children learn a range of instruments, including, drums, keyboard, violins, guitars and flutes. The children take part in a super concert, where they showcase their skills in front of their parents.
Exeter University Concert Band
It is always fantastic to link up with the local community and for the children to get to see and hear live music. Exeter University Concert Band came and performed two shows for the children. Not only were there plenty of familiar tunes being played, but also the children learnt about the different sounds individual instruments made.