Structure of the Governing Body and Committees

All governors attend Full Governing Body meetings, whilst committees are formed from the pool of governors, and governors lead on specific areas depending on skills and interests. The Governing Body is responsible for the Federation of Stoke Hill Schools – that is, both the Infant & Nursery School and the Junior School. Minutes of meetings are available on the website or upon request from the school offices.

Full Governing Body meetings

Governors meet two or three times every term for Full Governing Body meetings. These meetings are to discuss matters relating to the three main responsibilities of the governors. Typically, we receive reports from the Headteachers, agree school policies, hear feedback from committees and discuss any other matters relevant to our strategic focus on the quality of school life for all children within the Federation of Stoke Hill Schools, including progress against the Federation and School Improvement Plans developed by the Headteachers.

Governors must act corporately. Individual governors do not have the power to act alone unless the corporate governing body has given them the authority to do so. Individual governors have a broadly representative role but they are part of a team. They are not delegates and do not have any kind of mandate from the body who elected or appointed them.

Queries and concerns about any aspect of school life should, in the first instance, be directed to the appropriate member of school staff rather than to individual governors. It is important that governors are not involved in issues which may become formal complaints as this prevents governors from dealing with the matter impartially at a later stage. Should you wish to pursue the matter further, having first attempted to resolve the issue with the relevant school staff, then please put your concern in writing to the chair of governors.

The Chair of Governors is Andy Pheasant and the Clerk is  Dianne Goodwin.

Meeting dates for the 2022/23 academic year are: 20th October 2022, 15th December 2022; 2nd February 2023, 23rd March 2023, 25th May 2023 and 13th July 2023

Committee Meetings

We also have committees which meet every half term. 

Resources – monitors the Federation finances, Health and Safety issues and staffing matters. 

Teaching and Learning- focuses on standards and attainment.  

Pay and Performance – ensures that staff appraisal is appropriately carried out. It meets three times a year

Any work undertaken by the committees is reported back to the full board. 

There are two further committees which only meet if there is a need for them to do so.  These committees are convened to consider any formal proceedings, such as a staff disciplinary issue or the permanent exclusion of a pupil

The terms of reference for each of these committees explains what delegated authority the committee has been given to make decisions on behalf of the board.