Federation Family Support Worker

Federation Family Support Worker: 

Jo McCarthy is our School Federation Family Support Worker. She is available to provide additional support and signposting for families and children who need help with challenges and barriers which sometimes cause worry and anxiety. Not just in school, but within the home also.

To help families, (and children), in need of practical or emotional support, particularly when difficulties arise around parenting, lifestyle choices, access to Education and the general wellbeing of both parents and their children.

To support parents in providing a better home environment and lifestyle for their children so that they are in the best place to access their learning and social development.

Provide pastoral and therapeutic support to pupils to help prepare them emotionally and physically to engage with learning.

She offers targeted support for families through Devon Early Help where she leads intensive supporting plans, often involving outside agencies to help parents address and problem-solve any identified areas of concerns where families need additional help. This could include Housing, Adult Mental and Physical health, Financial support and many more.

The Family Support leaflet is available below for further information on how to contact Jo.


01392 667830/258894


Our parents tell us:

Jo helped my children and me also with a great amount of support during a really difficult time in our lives. 

We will be forever grateful for what she has done for us in this time and has helped my daughter with further support and is her favourite member of staff seeing Jo as a person she can talk to in confidence.

We are so thankful for Jo’s help at the time when we needed it most”


“Jo has been integral to our family’s wellbeing and success navigating some exceptional challenges. She is knowledgeable and compassionate and has helped us with everything from emotional support, food bank vouchers and school uniforms. Most importantly, Jo is 100% dedicated to what's best for my children, and has helped implement classroom adaptations to meet their needs as well as provided a space for them to express themselves safely. She's a vital resource for families in need”.


Jo has been wonderful, if it wasn’t for her, I’m pretty sure my child would not even attend school. She has put things in place to make his day to day better. I can always come to her when needed and she’s there. She’s amazing and we couldn’t of got through these last 4 years without her. I can’t thank her enough”


“Starting a new school with my SEN child we were both anxious, I've never met anyone who could ease the anxious feelings for both of us as well as Jo does. When speaking with Jo from the get go she had no judgement and has helped me a lot and you can tell she puts her all into her job. She has helped me so much and always there for me if I have any issues or even if I just want to release some built up feelings. She always makes me feel so much better after speaking with her. Thank you”. 


Jo has helped with all my children over the years. She has been absolutely amazing for our family. Jo has gone above and beyond for each of my children and their individual needs. Not only has Jo supported with my children but with us as parents too. We have had many challenges as a family and Jo has always been there to guide the best way possible! We need more Jo’s on this Earth!!