Wraparound Care - Treetops


Stoke Hill Federation offers wraparound care that includes a breakfast and an after school club facility. This facility is known as Treetops. 

Our staff take and collect children from the Infant School each day and safely escort them between sites.


Opens at 7.30 am and runs until 8.30 am for children attending Stoke Hill Junior School and 9 am for children attending Stoke Hill Infant & Nursery School. The children are offered a healthy breakfast consisting of toast, cereal and a drink. Children participate in a variety of tabletop games and simple craft activities.

COST: £4.00 per child per morning

After School

Is held from 3.10 pm until 6 pm. The children are offered two light snacks and drinks during this time. Again the children take part in both indoor and outdoor activities. These include table top games, arts and crafts and computers. Outside activities consist of free playtime, cricket, tennis and parachute games.

COST: £10 per child per child per evening.

Please take time to read the Treetops policy and parent agreement. You will also find the digital booking form on this page.

For further information please contact Lisa Sinclair, Extended Schools Manager.

Telephone 01392 667830 or 07906815479. Alternatively e-mail