Meals and Menus

From September 2014 the infant School has been providing a ‘universal infant free school meal’(UIFSM) that complies with the School Food Standards.  These standards are intended to ensure that children get the nutrition they need across the whole school day.  They govern all food and drink on offer within the school and apply across the school day, including breakfast at ‘Breakfast Clubs’, the free fruit break, lunchtime and food served after school at ‘After School Clubs’.

At Key Stage 2 the same food standards apply but meals need to be purchased. Pay online via the School Gateway App (click here for details of ParentPay) or pay by cheque (made payable to Devon County Council please).

Meal Prices:

£2.40 for a main course  

£2.05 for a light option

£1.95 for a packed lunch.

 At both schools meals are prepared freshly each day from locally sourced ingredients, sometimes school-grown potatoes and other vegetables are included too.