Remote Learning

Welcome to the Stoke Hill Infant and Nursery School
Remote Learning Welcome Page
Hello, you will be visiting this part of the website as your child is well but away from school for a COVID related reason.
Whilst your child is at home, we want to ensure they continue to receive a high quality education and do not miss any learning. So, across the curriculum, we have identified online resources to deliver learning opportunities remotely.
The online links featured on the year groups pages will follow learning planned for this week in each year.  Learning and activities will reflect learning happening in the nursery or classroom as closely as possible.
We hope that you are able to establish a 'school routine' with the year group timetable  providing some detail around the learning that happens through a typical week.
Remote Learning will be updated weekly. Just begin learning as soon as your child is at home self-isolating, quarantining or during lockdown.
When possible, please bring work completed back to school upon your child's return for the teacher to see. During lockdown, please send your child's teacher photos of the learning they identify during the lessons.
If you have any query with the learning planned, or need some help in any way please contact your child's teacher by e-mailing them. You will receive a reply as soon possible, and before the end of the following day at the latest.
We hope that you will help your child to log onto the website each day and engage with each subject.
Exercise books and stationery has been sent home for your child to use, if you require more, please contact the school office and we will pop whatever you need in the post.
With kind regards from everyone at school ~ we hope to see your child back soon.
1) click on the Remote Learning INFORMATION PAGE for your child's year group for important details to help you get set up
2) then click on the Remote Learning WEEKLY PAGE  for your child's year group to find links to the learning set for this week