Year 1

Remote Learning

Infant and Nursery School
Hello Year 1
If your child is absent from school due to Covid and feels well enough to continue their learning, please spend some time working on the activities below.
You are encouraged to bring in any completed work to school on their return to share with their teachers.
The staff in Year 1 send their best wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing your child when they are better.
~ from Miss Brooks, Miss Dopson, Miss Tamlin and Mrs Ryan.
English - 'The Enormous Turnip' Retold by Katie Daynes
Listen to the story by following the link below.  Can you retell the story to your grown up?  You might want to act out the story at home and draw some of your favourite characters.  
Have a go at the phonics games below. 
Can you remember your phase 3 digraphs?
This term we have been learning all about place value with numbers to 100.  Can you use the 100 square to practise counting to 100.  Ask your grown up to cover some of the numbers and see if you can work out which ones are hidden.  Can you have a go at writing numbers to 20.  
Make sure you use correct number formation and they are the right way round!
Use some of the Education City games below to practise your maths skills and do not forget there are maths homework games set each week.  So log in to Education City to complete those too!
Please find the links for online reading resources below and select a book at your child's book band level. You can find their level on their Reading Record.
1.  Science - Senses of the human body - Can you follow the recipe below and make some soup with your grown up?  We have been learning all about the human senses.  What does your soup taste like?
2.  Art  - Andy Goldsworthy and sculpture - Look through the PowerPoint below and create your own sculpture using natural resources or resources you can find in your house.
3.  Geography - Maps and aerial views - Can you draw a bird's eye map of your bedroom.  Think about how a bird would see it if it was flying over your house.
Below are some links to help keep your child moving. 



Quiz time!


Chatting Online safely


The video below was the first video we shared on the web page and was helping us learn how to stay safe when sharing pictures and videos online.

Have another watch using the link below and see if you can answer the questions that will pop up during the first half of the video. 

Watch out for a message that pops up after the questions as this is the place where the activities and discussion points may want to stop there if you did these last time or otherwise have another go or have a go for the first time if you missed it last time. It's important to learn how to be safe online so it is a good use of your time.


Chatting Online safely Quiz