Welcome to the Remote Learning page for the
Remote Learning for week beginning 23.11.20
 Suggested daily timetable
We will be sharing the story of Aladdin in school.  You can hear a story here.
Could you draw and label some of the main characters and objects from the story.  E.g. a lamp, a cave, a genie...?
Can you listen to the sound and identify what it is?
This week we are learning to find 1 more and 1 less than a number to 10.
 Sensory Breaks
Try to have at least two sensory breaks each day. 
You could try one of the routines on Boogie Beebies below, put on some music to dance to and practise some throwing and catching with a ball or a cuddly toy.
Communication and Interaction
Can you make a café at home this week?  Take it in turns with your grown-up to be the waiter and the customer.  What would the waiter say to the customer?
Fine Motor
It's all about pegs this week!  Find some pegs and some clean washing.  You will need something to be your washing line too.  Then, help to hang the washing up.  Opening the pegs will be good practise.